The Blog As a Marketing Tool

The concept of the blog began in the late 90s. In those days the blog was used solely for comment on particular Web page, which meant an opportunity to replicate these comments and opinions of visitors and readers of this website. What began as a simple phrase or comment has become widespread views that create controversy on all topics you can imagine.

The blog has become so potential online advertising and SEO search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) Rely heavily on the content of keywords that they have.

Here I mention five basic reasons why you should use the blog as a very powerful marketing tool on the Internet.

1. The blog is very simple. The easiest way to get your little space on the Internet is through a blog. You do not need any special ability to throw it to go… anyone who has basic knowledge of how to use a computer or computer, you can do. A blog is like having a virtual book to write your personal thoughts on this or that issue, your experiences on the use of a particular program, software or purchase of any product. The Blog is an attractive force especially since in these lines, where you express your experiences and views, it begins to create an atmosphere of trust so that your readers and visitors begin to test the same products and programs that you have already used or purchased Thanks to the opinion that you have left in your blog about them. So if you have a computer or computer with Internet access (who do not have it today?), You can start promoting anything through your Blog.

2. The Blog is authentic and original content. In these times where online advertising saturates our lives, we seriously question the credibility of such promotions. It is too much advertising we see today on the Internet that we do not know if they really the products, programs or methods that are offered are really what they seem. However, in blogs, real people who show their faces, they share real life experiences or express their opinion on good or malfunction of any program or product without having to resort to paid advertising. Read blogs about first-hand use of any product or service is like talking in person with someone who has already proven what I’m looking for… determined and related experience in a very high percentage, my decision on the acquisition or rejection of that product or service. Anyone want to buy something that has already been tried and tested by others.

3. The blog is completely free. Creating a blog does not cost anything. If you plan on riding your blog platform Blogger (free blogging platform from Google) is not recommended if you want a professional blog. Blogger, I would say is to share information informally with friends and family and that has nothing to do with the installation of a professional Internet business. If your idea, however, is to mount a fully professional internet business, my recommendation is to use the WordPress platform. WordPress itself costs nothing, but we need to first buy a personal domain and hosting or hosting system (which is quite accessible) where you can upload unlimited information for the proper functioning of your professional business online. To learn how to get your domain and how to get your hosting, I recommend that you subscribe to my blog… to subscribe you can acquire free information about how to make this domain, hosting and set up a blog on WordPress.

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