Good And Better

May I assume that you sincerely try to do good and avoid doing evil? That is great! May your tribe increase many fold! As a follower of Jesus Christ myself, this seems like a basic Christian commitment. Scripture assures us that Jesus went about doing good. He bid people to follow Him. So, it stands to reason that He would lead us to do good. As great as it is to commit ourselves to doing good, I want to challenge you to consider something even higher. I think it is what the Master really has in mind for us. Let’s do better than good. Please consider these thoughts with me:

• Good not to curse – Better to bless.
• Good to do no harm – Better to heal.
• Good to avoid doing evil – Better to engage in doing good.
• Good to visit the imprisoned – Better to set the captive free.
• Good not to divorce – Better to love your spouse.
• Good to give a tithe – Better to give your all.
• Good to worship God on Sunday – Better to worship God everyday!
• Good not to envy those rejoicing over great blessing – Better to rejoice with them.
• Good not to be insensitive to those who are mourning – Better to mourn with them.
• Good to sacrifice – Better to obey.
• Good to read the Bible – Better to live that Word.
• Good to say “Lord, Lord!” – Better to live as if He is Lord.
• Good to like people – Better to love them.

Did something or some things in that list leap off the page at you? What did you see that challenged you to press on, to move on past the minimum to something better? Now, examine your heart to see why you settled for the merely good instead of pressing on to achieve the better. I would guess it has something to do with difficulty. I have found it easier, much easier in fact, to accomplish every “good” thing on that list than the “better” things found there.

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