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Law school application process is particularly harder not because of the length or complexity of the questions, but because most questions are very generic and open-ended. Aside from your LSAT scores and undergraduate GPA, Law school admission committees are interested in the following areas:

Reason for pursuing a law degree.
Your qualifications and experiences.
How you are different from other candidates.
Law school admission committees focus heavily on your personal qualities and how you can contribute to a dynamic law community. Therefore, your experiences, personal  best essay writing service reddit   interests, and unique qualities carry an important message to the admission officers. In particular, the committee wants to know what makes you a good “fit” for their school. Your personal statement should highlight why the law school you are applying to is a good choice for you, as well as for them. Therefore, it is very important that you find out as much information about the school’s strengths, mission, and culture and be able to relate yourself to them.


It is always to your advantage to start your application early. Before you start writing, give enough time to gather your thoughts and do some homework:

Read and ask around about the list of schools that you are interested in. Find out more information on what makes these schools stand out from the others; their area of focus, extensive research resources, famous faculty etc.
Read through the application materials very carefully. Grasp an idea of the school’s methodology of getting to know you.
If you are near the school that you are applying to, introduce yourself to current students and find more information about their experiences.
These small steps will familiarize you with the school and you may be able to relate more to its culture and their focus of academics in your essay. Be sure to write down all the information you can find and stay organized.

Why our Law School?

Almost every law school you apply to will want to know your answer to this question in one form or another. From your pre-work above, you can now confidently answer this question. Make a connection between the school’s strengths and your skill sets and background.

Prove that you can benefit the most from the school’s program relative to other applicants and also how you can benefit the school community. Aside from academics, also show your enthusiasm for extracurricular activities the school may take pride in. Perhaps the school has a reputable community service organization or nationally recognized acapella singing group. Whatever it may be, show that you like every aspect about the school as a whole and that you are the best fit candidate to mutually benefit.

Popular Law School Essay Questions

Why do you want to be a lawyer?

Every applicant wants to become a lawyer so you want to avoid starting off by saying “It has always been my dream to become a lawyer” or “I want to help fight injustice and help those in need”. Chances are, the admission officer will get thousands of essays discussing how sympathetic they are to the community and that they would love to be able to help them with a degree in law.

The admission committees are well aware that most of the graduates will end up taking a job offer in the private sector with good compensation. Unless you genuinely have extensive and unique experience in the non-profit sector, avoid dwelling too much which may potentially sound too shallow. Remember that it is always easier to impress the admission officers than the traditional route. Whether it was for profit or non-profit, be genuine about your experiences and show enthusiasm using an active voice.

What makes you a unique candidate

The committee is interested in you qualities as a person as well as the skill sets you have which may set you apart from others. They are looking for candidates who are confident, determined, as well as those who possess intellectual curiosity and integrity. Demonstrate that you have these qualities by showing specific examples from your experience. Try not to summarize your resume or transcript. Instead, use the opportunity to tie all of your experiences and skill sets to prove that you are indeed a unique candidate.

One way to standout from other candidates is by explaining a unique career goal(s). Perhaps your goal is to become a lawyer working for the EPA instead of a corporate. By having a distinctive goal, tailor your experiences and skill sets to support your ultimate goal and show that a law degree from that specific school can help you achieve them.

Tips on writing law school application essays

1) Do not write like a lawyer!

Many applicants make the mistake of pretending to write like a lawyer since they are applying to a law school. They don’t expect you to write like a lawyer in the first place since you haven’t been educated as a lawyer yet! Even if you are adept at writing like a lawyer, it may sound too technical and impersonal. Avoid using unnecessarily complex or redundant words.



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