How Much Salary Does a Physician Assistant Get?

Since                         may practice family medicine, emergency medicine, primary care, psychiatry, and more, they can be found in various medical fields. While a physician assistant is put under direction or supervision of the physician, they are required to complete particular physician tasks. The responsibilities that a physician assistant possesses and the required supervision for these duties will vary depending on where you are located within the United States.

A continuous increase in the amount of  that are needed within the United States has been expected. There is also an expected increase in diversity of studies and practice within technical fields of medicine. Job vacancy in this particular position is expected to increase due to exponential growth. The Bureau of  Statistics claims that there is likely to be a growth of 30% between 2010 and 2020 for physician assistant careers. There are three very notable reasons why it can be expected that there will be a continuous growth in demand for this particular type of healthcare professional. And these are: population across the country is guaranteed to increase throughout the decade, elderly population is guaranteed to grow in this set period of time and the cost of hiring a physician may be so high that assistants will become even more desired.

Education, Training and Certification
A two year course at a school with an accredited program for this particular practice must be undergone by a PA. There are more than 150 schools that are accredited within the United States, which also includes medical schools and academic health  . Colleges also offer four year courses for aspiring  The two year course is the bare minimum requirement for becoming a physician assistant. Completion of studies in these programs usually leads to a Master’s degree in Medical Assistant Studies. This may also provide degrees in Medical and Health Science.

To become a physician assistant in any part of the country, training in the workplace is not a requirement. Training is accomplished while completing the Medical assistant program at an accredited school. This will feature a multitude of classroom, medical lab, and clinical environment studies and experience. This will cover various medical fields, such as family medicine, internal, and emergency medicine, and  Throughout the entire course, the students will usually spend some time working with physician supervision to get a more hands on training experience at a clinical environment in the area. There is also a possibility that the physician supervising the assistant is looking to hire an assistant and it could lead to a job option after the program is done.

The District of Columbia and the entire United States have regulations in place for physician assistants. These regulations make it necessary for the aspiring physician assistants to receive either certification or licensing in order to undergo physician assistant practices. The   exam is handled through Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (  and is required in order to achieve certification as a physical assistant. PA course graduates will need to complete and pass the certification exam to become a certified physical assistant. Registration of the certification is necessary every second year and   is required every six years once the   exam is complete.

Work Environment and Typical Work Schedule
Over half of physician assistants are expected to be working in physician offices. They often work alongside of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and many other types of healthcare providers. About 25% of them work in hospitals and other primary care settings. They may also work for government institutions and universities and colleges. Since the job duties of Pas require them to make rounds and going from one patient’s room to another, most of them spend lots of time on their feet.

Often times, physician assistants will work full time if not more. Their work schedule can vary drastically depending on where they work. In physician offices where operational hours are more regular, they may only have to work weekdays or sometimes evenings. However, these individuals will often work at anytime of the week in hospitals, including evenings, weekends, and holidays as they will be on call just like physicians.

Average Annual and Hourly Salary
The average annual salary of a physician assistant is $89,470. This is calculated by adding all the wages within the occupation and dividing that value by the total number of employees. Lowest 10% of this occupation makes less than $60,690 and the top 10% makes over $120,060. Their average hourly salary is $43.01. The bottom 10% makes $29.18 while the top 10% makes $57.72.



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