How to Prepare for Exhibiting at Your First Trade Show

Trade shows and industry events are great places to exhibit your business, giving you the opportunity to reach entirely new audiences of potential clients and industry professionals that no other kind of situation brings. With that said, any company that is exhibiting for the first time can understandably find the whole process both confusing and daunting.

The first step in preparing to exhibit for the first time at an event is outlining clearly your objectives before you book your space. Any business can get caught up in the excitement of exhibiting at an important trade fair, without actually analysing whether or not this is the best next step for their business.

As floor space, logistics, and hiring exhibition builders and designers can be very costly, it is necessary to thoroughly consider whether attending the event in question is actually advantageous. It may very well be – with thousands of potential clients and industry contacts being present – but it is crucial to be sure that such an expense is justified.

After you have made the decision to attend an event, the next step is to find a selection of good exhibition builders and designers to choose from. Although you have not booked your floor space yet – which is also crucially important at an early stage – it is wise to get professional help with your exhibition as soon as possible.

Many reputable exhibition builders and designers will provide you with a free initial consultation to determine your needs. It is at this point that you can explain to them that, as a first timer, you are not sure which space to book at the venue, and ask for their professional advice.

As experienced industry professionals, they will be able to guide you in making a decision. You should also make contact with the event organiser, who will let you know what spaces are available and what recommendations they have for your type of business. This professional guidance will then help you make the right space selection for you.


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