How to Cut Hair Short

Learning how to cut hair short like the pros doesn’t have to be a hard task. Once you understand a few basics on how hair falls or lays once its cut and styled. Then cutting your hair becomes so much easier to do. You first will want to understand how to approach a haircut, by using your face shape and lifestyle as a starting point in your decision making when it come to your hair style and length to go with. Once you understand what style works well for you. Then making a decision on a style becomes simpler.

Having a short haircut has always been a popular cut among men and boys. This length is also one of the most liked hair styles for women because it’s easy to manage. Not to mention that it’s a very attractive hairstyle and with peoples busy lifestyles, this is a great wash and dry maybe a little hair product and style cut.

To cut short hair you’ll first need to have a couple of good quality hair tools, now I’m not talking about going out and spending a small fortune on high end equipment, (It does make it nice though) but a few affordable good quality items will work just fine. To start out with you’ll need a nice par of cutting scissors and some chippers with a set of guards. Most local beauty supply stores in your area will asset you with obtaining these items.

Advice for cutting your hair short

For women you will want to be sure to have wet hair for more control when cutting. Be sure to keep very light to no tension when you comb and hold the hair before cutting, as wet hair stretches and will dry a bit shorter. This is especially true on wavy and really curly hair. If you’re not sure about cutting curly hair then no worries, just cut very small lengths at first. This will help ensure not cutting to much off. Now unless you are 100% sure, don’t cut Bangs or fringes wet and don’t cut them with any tension.

If you are of the belief that a shorter hairstyle will only limit you to a single style, that perhaps you may want to rethink that idea. There are many variations of layering that can be done on short hair, which makes this a very versatile hair style, which is usually easier to care for and style. Another great thing about layering is it allows women with thin hair to add volume and women with thicker hair to reduce volume by texturising the layers or using thinning shears. This is what makes short hair a possibility for just about any type of hair.

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